Services Overview

At Tom’s Toons Pontoon Boat Refurbishing we focus on breathing new life into old and outdated pontoon boats. Here’s a list of the type of services we offer:

  • Flooring Replacement: All of our new flooring installs start with us removing everything from the boat from the railings and furniture to the old carpet and wood. We are marine experts, meaning we remove and reinstall your console and electrical components instead of cutting corners. We ALWAYS start with new plywood on every flooring install to ensure that your boat and new flooring will last another 20+ years of enjoyment. Questions about flooring options? Send us an email!

  • Furniture Replacement: We are one of the largest dealers of Deckmate Furniture in the country. We sell and install their classic, premium, and luxury seats as well as accessories like steering consoles, tables, electrical, etc. Deckmate is the leader in quality of aftermarket pontoon furniture and accessories with an unbeatable warranty to go with a great product. We do not reupholster old seats as the price to replace with Deckmate products is nearly the same and features molded plastic bases and components to prevent rot and last longer than furniture with wood. Request a quote to get started on redesigning the furniture and layout of your boat.

  • Railing Replacement: We offer several options for replacing your outdated railing systems. The railings we install bring any boat up to modern standards for style!

  • Outboard Motor Repowering: While we do not service outboard motors other than winterizing, we do sell and install new outboard motors on pontoon boats. Want that new quiet, clean, and fuel efficient four stroke outboard on your boat? Ready for new shift & throttle components that will make your boat look better and function properly? We will help you find the best option in manufacturer and horsepower to meet your needs and price range.

  • Electrical: If you look at the wiring under your steering console and don’t know where to start we can help! We can fix anything from minor issues to completely rewiring your boat so that your switches and electronics work as they should. We install stereo systems of all types. And for the fishing anglers out there we can install trolling motors and fish finders. Every boat and electrical system is different, so please reach out for more information.

  • Welding: We have the ability to weld the aluminum on your pontoon boat on site. We can fix leaky pontoons by pressure checking and welding for a long-term fix. We can add drain plugs, and complete customizations for your pontoon project like extending the deck of your boat or building underseat livewells.