Unique Projects

We've taken on and completed a number of unique projects in the pontoon world. With our knowledge about pontoons and our ability to weld and fabricate in-house, just about anything is possible.


27' Tritoon Work Barge

27' Long by 8.5' Wide. Custom welded wheelhouse with windows, stereo, LED lighting, and more. Welded seat boxes for storage. 29 gallon fuel tank in center pontoon. Brand new Suzuki 140hp with hydraulic steering. Custom ramp systems for carts and vehicles, plus tie down loops for securing cargo. Rated to carry approximately 10,000 pounds of load. Work barges with comparable components start at around $75,000, email for more info.


Pontoon Railing Repair

We're able to repair railings and other damaged items on pontoons with our in-house welding and fabricating. This railing was damaged by a tree, but we were able to cut out the bent portion, re-insert the paneling, and weld in a new section of rail to get this 25 year old boat looking as good as possible again.


Quad Pontoon Floating Raft

26' Long by 12' Wide. This boat was dreamed up by our customer and we were able to put it together for their private pond complete with vinyl flooring, a covered structure, and installing the electric trolling motor with 36V battery system. There's even a swim area on the stern with a removable ladder.


Have a unique idea and want to see if we can help with the project? Send us an email to get started: TomsPontoons@gmail.com