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Marine Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit

Marine Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit

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We've put together a kit of heat shrink wire connectors for your project that are marine grade tinned copper. This kit has the splice connectors you'll need if you're restoring your boat using the accessory electrical harness from Pontoon Stuff that we've shown on YouTube. The kit includes 124 total heat shrink connectors for wire of 22 gauge down to 10 gauge including butt-splices for joining wires, female spade terminals for connecting wires to switches and other male spade terminals, a variety of ring terminals for gauges and battery connections, and piggy back spade terminals for specific wiring needs. Buy one kit that has the correct connectors you'll need in the quantity you'll need for your boat project.


124 Piece Heat Shrink Connector Kit Includes:

- 60 Butt Splices (Combo of Red, Blue, Yellow)

- 14 Female Spade Connectors (Combo of Red, Blue, Yellow)

- 44 Ring Terminals (Combo of ring sizes of Red, Blue, Yellow)

- 6 Piggy Back Spade Connectors (Combo of Red, Blue, Yellow)

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